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FANOLA No Orange Shampoo 350ml

FANOLA No Orange Shampoo 350ml

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A toning shampoo to neutralise copper and red tones in dark blonde hair. Wave goodbye to unwanted orange, copper and red tones with Fanola No Orange Shampoo. This highly potent toning shampoo gently cleanses hair while neutralising undesired tones in dark blonde hair. What are the features and benefits of Fanola No Orange Shampoo? Toning shampoo for dark blonde hair Neutralises orange, copper and red tones Gently cleanses the hair and scalp Adds shine and hydration Professional-strength formula Contains natural extracts to nourish Won’t stain the scalp Zesty citrus scent Cruelty-free 350ml Highly potent, this toning shampoo contains blue pigments to neutralise warm red tones. Colour will last longer, and hair is left looking and feeling shiny and hydrated. When using Fanola No Orange Shampoo for the first time, leave on hair for only 1 minute, as you can overtone bleached and lightened hair. Natural extracts, including Tiaré flower, Red Seaweed and Coconut Oil, help to nourish and protect hair. Suitable for all hair textures and curl types. For added toning, follow with Fanola No Orange Mask. For extra care and nourishment, use in conjunction with the Fanola After Colour Colour-care range. How does Fanola No Orange Shampoo compare to Fanola No Yellow Shampoo? Fanola’s No Orange range is better suited to those with dark blonde hair, or brunettes with bleached or lightened hair. No Orange is formulated with blue pigments designed to specifically target red, copper and orange tones. Fanola’s No Yellow range is ideal for anyone with blonde or grey hair, prone to brassy or yellow tones. No Yellow contains violet pigments, in order to add ashy tones to lightened hair and neutralise brassiness.

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